Online Mediation

mediation using the internet; the parties do not have to be in the same room, or even the same building.

What is it?

Even before the advent of COVID-19, but especially now the UK government has taken action to stop the spread of the infection, more and more people are working from home.
However, litigation has not stopped, and neither has mediation. But it has changed.
At Magnolia Mediation, we can offer an online mediation service. It’s exactly like a standard mediation, except that the parties are no longer in the same room, or in the same building.
We can provide a remote, online mediation service, something that is more and more required during the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. You don’t have to leave your home, or your office to attend the mediation.
online mediation

Online Mediation – the Benefits

Money Savings

Online mediation costs a fraction of what it would cost to take the dispute to court.

Travel & Venue

Because it’s online, you don’t need to travel, and neither do we. We don’t need to agree a neutral venue.

Privacy & Confidentiality

There are no spectators during the mediation and what is discussed cannot be reported to a third party.


Sessions can be scheduled in the evenings, weekends or weekdays, whenever it most convenient.

Reduced Legal Fees

Online mediation means we don’t have to hire a venue, charge travel time, so your costs are reduced.

Amicable Resolution

In many cases, the interrelationship between the parties can be preserved, or even strengthen their relationship.

Let’s Work Together

How Does it Work?


We use an internet video-conferencing solution called Zoom. This can be run on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone – any device with a webcam. It’s easy to set up, and won’t cost you a penny.


Prior to the mediation, the mediator will send you an email with an invite link. This will have the login details to the mediation meeting. You will need to download the Zoom app to your device prior to the meeting. This guide will help you to set up your device and join the meeting.
The rules of confidentiality still apply to an online mediation, as do all the principles of mediation. Zoom is an encrypted platform, so it is secure. An added benefit of online mediation is the further cost reductions as there are no venue, travel or refreshment costs.

The Session

The mediation will progress through several stages:

  • Introducton. The mediator will introduce the session, go through the ground rules, fees, the mediation agreement and the timeline of the session (breaks etc).
  • Problem Determination. Each party will have the opportunity to give an account of the facts and circumstances which lead to the dispute.
  • option Generation. The parties, with the assistance of the mediator, will identify alternatives, options and areas of settlement. Negotiations will continue until settlement is reached, or the mediator declares an impasse.
  • Clarification. If a settlement is reached, the terms are agreed and written down.

The Settlement

There are no legal penalties for failing to reach a settlement. Any settlement will be written up by the parties. If legal counsel is not present, the parties may elect to have the document reviewed by counsel and signed at a later date.